Wähle Text Pro, the best app to send text messages and emails in German

Now available on the Google PlayTM Store, the first communication app entirely in German created by Binary MotorTN.

With Wähle Text Pro arrives the quickest and more efficient way to send text messages and emails in German, the language spoken by over 120 million people, including all its variants, and that’s one of the most important languages in the world.

Wähle Text Pro includes the 200 acronyms and abbreviations (lingos) along with their corresponding 200 full texts most used in German and that you can send through the main message apps or email.

Of course, and like all Binary Motor apps, app menus and options are available in English, Spanish or German.

So, simply choose the words and send them to your friends by WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, SMS or copy and paste them on your social networks or wherever you like.

Also, among many other options, you can create, edit, save or delete your own messages.

Discover here more deeply all options of the best app to communicate in German.

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