Wähle Text Lite


Forget the tedious work of think, write and send your messages. With Wähle Text Lite simply choose the words and send them!

And now update 3.2 offers a new design with Text to Speech (TTS) functionality, which will give you a completely new and improved user experience, where the app is much more fluid, intuitive and organic.




Choose between lingos (acronyms and abbreviations) or full texts to easily send audio and text messages through WhatsApp, Telegram or Messages (SMS, MMS) to your friends, family, colleagues or anyone.



Wähle Text Lite contains the most usual German lingo sentences of our days and it can be installed on more than 13,000 different AndroidTM devices, because it’s practically available in all sizes, densities and screen resolutions of smartphones, tablets and other devices from Android 5.0 Lollipop to Android 10 and all future Android versions.



Also you can do searches of lingos and texts.




Additionally, you can use this application with physical built-in trackballs, keyboards or external keyboards (Bluetooth, docking, USB…).

Wähle Text Lite will have regular updates with new and fantastic features.

Pushing here you can go directly to Wähle Text Lite URL on the Google PlayTM Store to download it:


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